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Webinar Registration Links for the 2014 New Comparability Challenge

The New Comparability Challenge is part of Nova 401(k) Associates Develop with FlairTM   program.  All sessions are one hour long.   Unless otherwise specified, all sessions are open to non-Nova staff as well.  The 2014 New Comparability Challenge is an intensive training taking place over a few months on new comparability plans.  So that there will be something for every employee, there sessions ranging from entry level to advanced.  We do not expeect that employees will attend all the webinars – just the ones that fit into their schedule and are appropriate for their experience level.

Coverage Testing I  – April 9, 2014 1:00pm CST Register

Entry level session (or review for intermediate level).  Prerequisites of general knowledge of qualified plans and how to determine HCES.  Learning objectives:  ▪ What is coverage testing? ▪ How many coverage tests are required? ▪ Ways to pass coverage testing ▪ Basic training on the ratio percentage test ▪ Practice test

Coverage Testing II – April 16, 2014 1:00pm CST Register

Entry level /intermediate session. Prerequisites of general knowledge of qualified plans and how to apply the ratio percentage test.  Learning objectives:  How to perform the ABT, How to calculate the concentration percentage,  How to calculate the safe harbor percentage and  How to perform ABPT

Accrual Rates  April 23, 2014 1:00pm CST  Register

Intermediate level –  Prerequisite of general knowledge of 401(a)(4) testing.  Please  note this session is mathematical in nature.  Learning objectives:  Learn the general definition of what an EBAR is and how it is calculated, Be able to calculate a participant’s EBAR given the proper data,  Identify how changes in certain factors relating to the participant facilitate changes in his or her EBAR.

Plan Document Issues June 10, 2014 1:00pm CST Register

Intermediate level — Prerequisite of general knowledge of 401(a)(4) testing.  Profit sharing plan provisions, mid-year amendments, Using 11g amendments to correct failures.  Please note this session will focus on the Nova 401(k) Associates document and procedures and thus is likely not to be helpful to non-Nova employees. 

How to Use ASC to Design a New Comp Plan June 17, 2014  1:00pm CST  Register

Intermediate level – – Prerequisite -General knowledge of ASC and general knowledge of 401(a)(4) testing – Learning objectives:  How to perform 401(a)(4) testing in ASC, Learn how to program the 401(a)(4) test, Learn how to use the budget routine, Learn how to read the ASC outp  ut

How to use component plans July 15, 2014 1:00pm CST Register

Advanced level – Prerequisite – Thorough understanding of 401(a)(4) testing and coverage testing.  Learning objectives:  Learn requirements to test using component plans, When component plan testing is likely to work, How to do component testing