All Clients

Nova 401(k) Associates treats all of our clients like top dogs, focusing on a consistent client experience.

  • All of Nova 401(k) Associates’ clients are assigned a dedicated account manager. All of our account managers have professional credentials, but more importantly, they can communicate and are focused on client service.
  • Nova 401(k) Associates completes services in a timely manner. If clients submit all of the requested data in January, why should they wait until October to receive their Form 5500? They shouldn’t! Nova 401(k) Associates will never tell you that the dog ate our homework. We keep our staffing level such that clients receive all work on time, and our client management system makes sure that no client is missed.
  • Nova 401(k) Associates has a loan and distribution team that processes participant transactions quickly.  And, even better – they will take calls and emails directly from your employees.
  • Is running a retirement plan your full-time job?  We didn’t think so.  Nova 401(k) Associates will follow-up on missing data, unfiled Forms 5500, and unsigned plan amendments.
  • Do your employees call their dog “perro”? Nova 401(k) Associates has native Spanish speakers, and we can provide Spanish Summary Plan Descriptions, Summary Annual Reports and other participant notices. Additionally, Nova 401(k) Associates can provide loan and distribution support via the phone in Spanish.
  • When something has gone wrong, Nova 401(k) Associates will help you get out of the dog house. We can help with an EPCRS filing and a DOL DFVC filing.
  • Nova 401(k) Associates offers clients ongoing relevant seminars, webinars, and newsletters.
  • Nova 401(k) Associates provides day to day support and advice based on our common-sense approach, proven methods, and best practices.

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