Financial Advisor Support

We respect the financial advisor’s relationship with his client, and we collaborate with the financial advisor for the client’s benefit whenever possible.

Novice advisors will appreciate the extra guidance that our sales and implementation staff provide.  Experienced advisors will enjoy finally working with a 401(k) TPA who “gets it”.

During the sales process, let Nova 401(k) Associates assist you with the dog and pony show.

  • As part of the sales process, run illustrations including safe harbor 401(k), new comparability, and cash balance illustrations
  • Request proposals from record-keepers on behalf of the advisor, if requested to do so
  • Work with the financial advisor to position and choose products, if requested to do so
  • Attend prospect meetings and finalist presentations

Once the client hires Nova 401(k) Associates and the advisor, we will do the following:

  • Provide plan design, installation and transition support
  • Complete sold case paperwork
  • Keep the advisor in the loop by sending the advisor a courtesy copy of all client emails
  • Alert the advisor to client issues
  • Provide seminars to help advisors keep abreast of important industry information