Karen Smith to speak on Qualification Standards

Karen Smith will speak on a panel at the ACOPA Advanced Actuarial Conference in San Francisco on June 6 –7, 2011. Karen will speak on the Qualification Standards and Carol Zimmerman of the IRS will speak on the new JBEA regulations.

US actuaries are required to comply with the Actuarial Code of Conduct. Precept 2 of the Code of Conduct provides that are actuaries may only perform services when qualified to do so. As part of Precept 2, actuaries must satisfy the US Qualification Standards. The Qualification Standards specify the required basic education and experience as well as the annual continuing education requirements.

Karen said, “I will spend the majority of my time on the changes to the continuing education requirements under the Qualification Standards for some enrolled actuaries. I am looking forward to Carol’s explanation of the new JBEA regulations that became effective May 1, 2011. I can’t wait to get away from the Houston summer heat and go to cool San Francisco!”