Welcome to Nova 401(k) Associates’ Resource Center

Nova 401(k) Associates is pleased to be launching its Resource Center.  The Resource Center will contain articles about retirement plan issues that affect our clients.  The Resource Center will contain information about breaking news as well as reference articles.

With the launch of the Resource Center, we are starting two article series.  The first article series is about the IRS 401(k) Fix It Guide.  This tremendous resource includes twelve common 401(k) errors and IRS suggestions for identifying, correcting and avoiding these errors.  We will highlight each of these errors and include our own suggestions for avoiding these common errors.

The second article series will introduce defined benefit plan sponsors to the PBGC.  The PBGC is the federal agency that guarantees private pensions.  The article series will cover which plans are covered, PBGC maximum benefits, premiums, participant notices and reportable events.

We hope that you find these articles interesting.  If you have a question that you would like to see answered in an article, please email us at info@Nova401k.com.